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"One of biggest challenges for any small business is cash flow - it’s vitally important that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what's going on at all times."
Everything in one place
View your settlement tab in your app to see:
  1. The next amount that will be paid into your account, for today’s sales.
  2. The last amount that Yoco paid out to you and is making its way into your account.
  3. A history of all the amounts previously paid out, that should already be reflected in your bank account.
  4. A breakdown of each payment, to see the associated card transactions and fees.
Saved Bills
Yoco App
This probably sounds familiar: some items are ordered, but the customer wants to pay later. Your staff need to manually write down their order or, even worse, try remember it. Each sale needs to be rung up and completed before doing the next one.
So what if you could save the bill and return to it when the customer wants to make payment? We’ve made this possible with our new feature,
Saved Bills
Here’s how you can use it:
  1. Load items into your cart as usual
  2. Tap “Save Bill”
  3. Choose any name (such as Table 1)
  4. Tap “Save” to save the bill
  5. View and open any of your saved bills by tapping “Bills”
Saved Bills is available across our Android and iOS apps, for all merchants. Just make sure you are on version 2.18.0 or above.
We hope you enjoy it, and look forward to your feedback.
Exporting your sales history
Yoco Portal
We've added in the option to export your sales history as an Excel file so that its quick and simple for those using the Excel platform for their reporting. The layout of the .CSV and Excel exports have also been adjusted so that it mimics what you see on your business portal page.
Easily switch between different users on the app with Staff Switching
Yoco App
One of our brand new features, Staff Switching, is now available to everyone on version 2.17.2 and above.
What is staff switching?
  • A faster way to switch between users on the Yoco POS app
  • A more convenient way to know who sold what and when
See it in action below:
Enjoy it, and let us know what you think.